Belle in the big apple

www.belleinthebigapple.blogspot.com . Um blog com piada.

Belle apresenta-se assim:

"I am a Southerner in the City, an aging debutante, a small town girl cursed with big city aspirations. My grandfather says that I’m at the cusp of feminine failure—I’m as old as a bottle of prime Tennessee whiskey (aged 25 years) and still single. I need to “get on home” and find a nice Southern boy—a doctor, maybe an insurance salesman. At this, I dig in my heels and set out to date every inappropriate man in Manhattan…".

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Anónimo disse...

Don't do it!
You are better off being single and happy, than married and hating life. Live for yourself!

Anónimo disse...

Comentário giro, esse que está em cima...